Nevada Flash Flood Swallows Up Minivan and Nearly Kills Older Couple

nevadaFor the past week, major flooding has been hitting the west coast of the United States. Yesterday, those storms raged inward, wreaking havoc on Nevada’s interstate highways. In those areas, waters have reportedly surged to as high as 12 feet, while chunks of pavement have become unhinged leaving multiple gaping and death inducing holes. According to reports, at least two people have died as a result of the flash flooding in Nevada, including one woman who was trapped in her car as it became submerged in the rising waters.

Fortunately, though, there have been some people that have been able to escape death’s cold hands, for example, Margie and Lorne Miller.

In a dramatic scene caught on an iPhone camera, Margie and Lorne Miller can be seen struggling for their lives as their minivan is swallowed up by the flooding and dragged into a nearby, gaping ravine.

“We were just free falling,” says Lorne Miller in an interview with CBS Morning News. During the incident, Lorne attempted to drag his wife from the vehicle but lost contact as she and the vehicle slipped away. “Deep down, I thought I may never see her again.”

nevada2“It was like a waterfall,” his wife adds. “I was praying all the time, ‘Please Lord help me. Please give me a miracle. Please Lord Jesus: help me, help me.'”

Fortunately, a couple of good Samaritans- a construction crew- were there to help, throwing a rope out that ended up saving the couple’s lives.

“We were just so glad to be alive. We knew that we had probably lost our car and stuff, but what counted is that we are alive. We are alive.”


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