97 MPH Motorcycle Accident Caught on Helmet Camera

david holmesNorfolk police have decided to release video footage of a brutal motorcycle collision in an attempt to get people thinking about road safety. Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, who is the head of the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit says, “The video is shocking; however this is the reality of fatal collisions. The emotions people may experience after seeing this video can only touch the surface of those feelings that families and friends go through when losing a loved one in this way.”

“The consequences of fatal collisions are devastating for all involved and as such our message though education has to reflect this. I firmly believe this footage is powerful enough to make riders and drivers think about their behavior on the road; and most importantly, change it for the better.”

“I understand releasing such footage will divide opinion; David’s family are in full support of the material being released and we’ve worked closely with his mother Brenda to ensure this is achieved in an effective and sensitive way.”


The driver of the motorcycle was 38 year old David Holmes. At the time of the incident, Holmes was traveling on the A47 at Honingham at approximately 97 miles per hour, far above the local speed limit. The footage was taken from a helmet cam that he was wearing at the time. In the dramatic video, viewers can see a car crossing Holmes path as he flips over top and lands gruesomely.

daveInspector Spinks says, “We know from the footage that David was travelling up to 100mph. Regardless of the speed of the bike, the car manoeuvre should not have been attempted. Clearly, he was taking a risk and has paid the ultimate price. The majority of bikers ride responsibly however, I’m sure many will relate to the riding style seen in this video. We know motorcyclists are a vulnerable group and this sad case is a reminder to all roads users to be alert to what is going on around you and to lower your speed.”

Holmes mother, who has been involved in trying to turn this tragedy into something beneficial says, “I want to be involved in this campaign because I feel something positive can come out of his loss. If we can prevent one accident; one family going through what we have been through then David would not have died in vain.”


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