This Mobility Scooter Just Set a New World Record for Speed

Poor Grandma, she’s stuck at home waiting for someone to take her to the grocery store for a bottle of prune juice. Poor Grandma, she sold her car because she’s got bad glaucoma. Poor Grandma, she’s just so damn old.

scooterBut what if there was a new mobility scooter that could zip Grandma into warp speed?

Well, on Saturday in a clip filmed by Duke Video, David Anderson and Matthew Hine showcased their latest buildup: a high powered custom built mobility scooter. In the video, this scooter hits an astonishing 107.6 miles per hour, completely demolishing the old record of 82 mph.

To make this record possible, the duo equipped the aluminum scooter with running gear from a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle.

Unfortunately, though, you won’t be seeing this thing on the road. Because it has no front brakes, it cannot be registered for street use. Oh well, it’s still a crazy, bad ass build up.



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