GM Set To Be Industry Leader in Nagging Cars

You ever get tired of your wife nagging you for not keeping your eyes on the road every time she’s in the car?

Then you might want to stay away from GM dealerships because they’re making sure she’s riding shotgun from here on out!

…or at least a computured chiming version of her.

gmTHAT’S RIGHT! Over the next three to five years, GM will be teaming up with Seeing Machines to fit camera motion sensors into GMs next generation cars. This will make your car alert you EVERY TIME your head isn’t rotated towards the road or your eyes haven’t been looking at your mirrors enough.

And just like your wife, GM just has your best interest in mind.

According to the NHTSA one of every ten FATAL crashes involves distraction.

With this addition, GM is in motion to be the FIRST car manufacturer to install eye-tracking technology in their cars, propelling them into position as a LEADER in accident prevention and safety.

Wait, why doesn’t that sound right?

Oh, right…

GM’s stellar safety track record aside, it looks like this new “innovation” will be the most loved safety addition since this thing:

Even Seeing Machines chief executive Ken Kroeger admits it isn’t the most appealing addition, saying : “Safety doesn’t sell cars – sexy sells cars.”

But he did indicate that this technology could eventually allow drivers to control their car’s features and apps by just using head motions.

Down the line, it could also detect if a thief is in the car and prevent carjackings.

But these features remain to be seen, and for now, we just want to make sure we’re worried we’ll just be getting another one of these:

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