GM Ignition Switch Related Death Toll Hits 100

After 7 months, the GM ignition switch fiasco has now produced 100 claims of death from drivers across the country.

gm3“Survivors have filed about 100 claims for loved ones killed in one of 2.6 million recalled General Motors cars,” said a spokeswoman for Ken Feinberg, administrator of the GM compensation fund.

On top of the 100 deaths, there are also claims concerning another 184 injuries related to the malfunction. Many of these claims, however, are still a long way from being resolved due to a long examination process.

In order to ensure justice, each claimant is required to present evidence to establish that the defective ignition switch was in fact the primary cause for the fatality or injury. This, of course, could lead to a winding game that involves thousands of dollars in legal defenses, as well as countless hours in court.

All for an accident that GM may be 100% at fault for.

So far, GM has only acknowledged 13 deaths connected to the defect, despite having 2.6 million vehicles that were affected.  Even with the hesitancy to move beyond that number, though, GM is preparing to settle with many more.

gm2In fact, GM has already prepared an uncapped settlement fund, which would give each victim at least $1 million in damages. The company is expecting the total cost to be somewhere between $400 and $600 million.

Of course, reaching a settlement with those involved is far from a guarantee, and GM will be preparing for a large number of courtroom dramas over the next few years.

As far as anyone looking to file a claim, hurry up; time is already running out. GM has established an end of the year deadline. After that, dealings with the company may get a little more difficult. But I guess at this point that should just be expected.


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