42-Footer Goes Airborne in Frightening Crash

Two men are recovering in University Hospital of Outerlimits after a vicious high-speed crash during a boat race at Lake of the Ozarks.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, the accident happened at approximately 10:34 a.m. Saturday during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. The crash is being contributed to “wind interference,” which caused the 42 foot catamaran to flip end over end. At the time of the flip, it is believed that the boat was travelling at a whopping 172 miles per hour.

A short time after the race, information was released through the Outerlimits Powerboats Facebook page concerning the boat’s driver and throttle man.

Mike Fiore of Bristol, Rhode Island, is the owner of Outerlimits and was the throttle man during the run. Fiore was airlifted to the hospital after the crash and reports indicate that he is now stable and responsive.

Joel Begin, from Quebec, is the boat’s owner and was driving during the race. Begin was transported via ambulance after the race and has since been released.

The entire incident was caught on camera and has since been uploaded to Youtube. Check it out.

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