The Possible Problems with Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Hey guys.

It’s Rylan here at 4wheelonline, and I’m here to bring you the rundown on this week’s most CONTENTIOUS story…

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a research report on this new vehicle to vehicle technology, stating that it could prevent as many as 592,000 collisions per year.

vAccording to the report, this would also, in turn, help to save about 1,100 lives annually.

Sounds like it could be great, right?

Well, the government definitely seems to think so.

In fact, the government has deemed this technology so advantageous that there is now a plan being set in motion that would require all vehicles to be equipped with V2V technology within 3 years.

But the push for this has raised a lot of eye brows about privacy.

Think about it: this MANDATORY new technology would put a tracker in YOUR car that is sending messages out at all times.

How could we ever be assured of who is viewing this information?

This, of course, has not been the government’s only attempt at tracking our vehicles.

With each of these new “unregulated” advancements, like vehicle to vehicle technology, we are inching towards the chilling Big Brother society that we were warned about in Orwell’s 1984.


Pretty soon, between cellphones, Facebook, and cameras being put on every street corner, the privacy that we once took for granted will be completely gone.

Anyway, that’s all the Big Brother news coming from the Automotive world this week.

Once again, I’m Rylan, and thanks for tuning into 4wheelonline’s News Refresh. We hope you’ve been refreshed.





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