Ford Issues Recall for Approximately 163,000 Vehicles

Earlier this week, Ford announced that they would be recalling approximately 165,000 vehicles from three different models. The models affected in this recall are:

2013-14 Ford Escape, Ford Focus ST— Units affected: 160,000

fordescapeAccording to reports, the recall on the Ford Escape and Ford Focus has been made because of engine wiring that may have splices that were insufficiently compressed to the supplier. This poor connection can cause incorrect signals to be sent to the powertrain control module and can affect engine performance.

Ford also says that the defect can cause the engine malfunction light to flick on, as well as have an impact on engine power, hesitation, and stalling.

Fortunately, there have been no injuries or deaths linked to these complications.

2015 Ford Transit— Units Affected: 1,900

fordtransitThere are two separate defects being linked to the Ford Transit.

The first problem revolves around a brake fluid leak, which could reduce the efficiency of the Transit’s brakes over time. This, of course, means that over time drivers brakes will take longer to stop the vehicle and that the driver may have to press harder and further on the brake pedal to activate the brakes. To fix the problem, Ford plans to replace the washer at the point of the potential leak.

The second problem affecting the Ford Transit has to do with a complication linked to the windowless sliding doors on some Transit vans. These doors were installed without any kind of epoxy reinforcement, which makes them susceptible to detach during a side-impact collision. Ford plans to install reinforcements on the door.

Lincoln MKC— Units Affected: 1,300

fordlincolnMany of the Lincoln MKC’s have been equipped with windshields that don’t meet federal safety standards. The main problem being that they have air bubbles between the layers of glass. Ford plans to replace all of these windshields free of charge.


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