The Scheid Diesel Extravaganza Is This Weekend… Buckle Up

Gear heads get ready. This weekend, the Schied Diesel Extravaganza opens its doors to the public.

schied3If you haven’t heard of the Schied Diesel Extravaganza, it may be time to wake up and smell the exhaust pipes. This show, originally started in 1997, is the biggest and baddest diesel truck show in the country.

Annually held in Terre Haute, Indiana, the event hosts countless wild, redneck events, including tractor pulls, hot rod showdowns, and tons of diesel trucks grinding out through untamed carnage in attempt to take home the top prizes of dozens of competitions.

Check out some of the highlights in the video below…

The event has become so big that campers often show up days in advance to drink, party, and get wild with their rides.

“This event, it seems like everybody really comes together and brings their A-game, and you get to see what everybody else is doing around the country,” says Mike Trauch of New Jersey.

“The amount of trucks that are here, I don’t know how many trucks they got here but last year they had 90 some in our class, and they only take the top 26, I think. So if you can make the finals here you got a pretty good truck and as far as in the nation you got a pretty good truck,” JB Holmes of Robinson, Illinois said.

Over the years, in addition to the beast trucks, the infamous event has also been known for its anarchy-like atmosphere, especially when the sun goes down and the drinks come out. In fact, just last year, 254 people were arrested on 304 charges at the event.

Two years ago, a woman was even arrested for stripping down in the back of a pickup truck and then performing lewd, sexually explicit acts with a beer bottle. Her Youtube video proceeded to go viral, but has since been taken down (trust me, I searched for it). But at least, there are still the news reports, check it out:

Now, this type of behavior has gotten a lot of people’s panties up in a bunch. But to me, it sounds like a damn good time!

I mean what could be better than trucks, babes, and booze. All hail the Schied Diesel Extravaganza!!


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