Tire Rockets Into the Stands at Monterey Motorsports Reunion

Last weekend, the annual Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion was held at the Mazda Raceway in southern California. At the event, about 550 unbelievable vehicles competed in what organizers call the “world’s premier motoring event.”

Like always, racers pushed hard for a victory. However, a Chevrolet Monza driven by Ken Epsman may have gone a little too hard. In fact, it was pushed until the wheels fell off. Literally.

According to Epsman, the spokes on the vehicle’s wheel shattered. This unfortunate mishap then led to a wreck and the wheel to go flying into the crowd of spectators. Luckily, nobody was drilled by the flying metallic gyre. Almost as good as that, though, is the fact that the entire thing was caught on tape. Check it out.

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