If Autonomous Cars Save Lives, Where Will We Get Our Organs?

Over the past few years, drivers have been presented with the prospects of self-driving cars. Now, most gearheads that I know aren’t too thrilled with the idea, but it doesn’t matter. It looks like that this shit might just be inevitable.

In fact, recent reports from Navigant Research predict that 75% of all vehicles will be autonomous in 2035. Further backing that up, the IHS recently told USA Today that by 2050—almost all vehicles on the road will be autonomous.

One of the main reasons that this progression is happening is that experts agree that driverless cars WILL SAVE lives.

Now, if it is true that driverless cars could be lifesaving, then we are actually left with one huge dilemma that nobody wants to talk about …

Where the hell are we going to get the transplant organs that we need to save lives?

Yes, that’s right: I said it. Today, one of the primary ways that we get organs for transplants is through car accidents.The number of organs that are received annually actually number in the thousands.So, without accidents, the average rate of 8 people dying per day because they are in need of an organ could skyrocket.

So, what is the answer to this problem?

Well, maybe we could…

Hold one of those monthly Hunger Games things

Or maybe we could…

Just sacrifice the entire prison population for the good of the people.

Oh shit. I have to be politically correct, cancel that last one out.

Oh yeah, I know the answer. How about we just do what we should have done 15 years ago and use 3-D printing to generate brand new organs.

That’s right take down those damn regulations and let something like this take over: All of this sounds pretty frightening, right?

Well, so do those damn driverless cars, so get used to it and buckle up for the future.

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