Watch Ducati Diavel vs. Corvette Stingray in Quarter Mile Drag

There’s no better place to test and compare the power and speed of two cars than on the drag strip.

But what about car vs. bike???

Well, yesterday, Cycle World Magazine put out footage of a quarter mile race between the Chevy Corvette Stingray- driven by stock car racing vet Tommy Kendall- and a Ducati Diavel Carbon- driven by AMA racer and former rookie of the year, Rich Gadson.

The race pitted two unusually matched opponents against each other.

stingrayCorvette’s, over the years, have become synonymous with American power and speed. The current rendition of the stock Stingray features a blazing 3.8 second 0-60 time and has been marketed by Corvette as the quickest, most powerful, most capable standard Corvette ever made.

Before the race, Kendall seconded that notion by saying, “The C7 is the latest, greatest American sports car icon, the Corvette. So, I’m excited to give it a shot.”

ducDucatis, on the other hand, have become more known as cruising bikes. But Ducati warns against applying that assumption to the Diavel, saying, “Don’t call me a cruiser. The intoxicating design, with innovative LED headlight, and refined rider comfort of the new Diavel may imply ‘cruiser,’ but the brute force of its 162 hp Testastretta engine and its razor sharp handling prove otherwise.”

Helping to fire out deliver on this power, the bike also features carbon fiber and Marschesini forged wheels, as well as a reduced weight of only 205 kg.

So, what happens when these two powerhouses meet on the track??? Well, take a look…


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