Ford Is Offering Free Brake Pads for Life for Their Customers

Ford Motor Company announced that they are now launching a program for Ford drivers that will provide lifetime replacement of brake pads on Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles.

ford2Starting today, the offer is available to drivers and can be snagged at any Ford or Lincoln dealership, as well as Ford Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centers.

In order to get involved in the program, customers just need to visit any of those locales and purchase a set of Motorcraft brake pads and have them installed. The Motorcraft brand, of course, is the primary brake pad used on all Ford vehicles when they are built.

After that, drivers can than visit the same location any time the brake pads wear down to 3 millimeters and have them replaced for ZERO cost. And in case you were wondering, the offer applies to both front and rear brakes.

According to the rules of the program, this service is only available for vehicles from the early 90s to the present, and the service only covers the pads. It does not cover additional parts or services such as: brake pins, dust shields, anti-rattle components, or brake rotor resurfacing (a service that is necessary with most brake pad replacements because it ensure that the brake wears evenly).

ford3Amidst a dominant recall culture, largely in part due to rival company GM, this Ford program is definitely a great campaign for the company because it is taking a proactive approach to customer service and possible system flaws.

Frederick Toney, president of Ford’s customer service division, says, “This program reflects our commitment to providing customers with an excellent ownership experience, regardless of the age of their vehicle.”

On top of that, the program also helps to promote Ford dealerships and auto centers, which could end up having huge impacts on sale. Of course, no one should be surprised by this new offer; Ford has always been known to be a savvy company.




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