World’s Most Expensive RV Sells for $3 million (w/ Video)

Driving across the vast American countryside, seeing all of the historic landmarks, boozing and partying and letting the engine rip, it’s an experience that every American should have. But you know what would make that dream even crazier?

Led Zeppelin’s groupies

This motherf***** thing


Earlier this week, a rich tycoon from Dubai officially made this part of his dream life by buying the 40-foot-long eleMMent Palazzo for approximately $3 million!!!

That may seem a little high, but not after hearing that the outside is actually covered in gold!

Of course, the interior of the luxury RV is no worse. Inside, there is a colossal master bedroom, on-board bar and lounge, fireplace, and even a rooftop terrace. Making it easy for the driver, the RV also includes a leather-clad rotating, highly comfortable driver’s seat that is equipped with wireless access that can control just about everything (including security cameras) in the 430 square foot ride.



rv9Possibly the most impressive feature, though, is the “Sky Lounge,” which appears at the press of a button and includes a pop up cocktail bar, underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting. Even old, limp Hugh Hefner couldn’t help but get excited by all of that!


Adding to the appeal, this RV’s bulkiness does not stop it from hitting a top speed of 93 miles per hour, which is made possible through a 510 bhp diesel engine. Pretty impressive…

There have, however, been a lot of complaints about the look of the RV, which conjures up disturbing images of that alien from Independence Day. Sheesh, I think I just got chills.independ



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