Train Drills Semi Truck, Leads to Fiery Explosion

Late last week, in the small town of Somerset, Kentucky, a train smashed into a tractor trailer filled with lighter fluid, which led to a fiery explosion.

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According to reports, driver Viktor Kalchenia, 27, was traveling north in his 2015 Volvo tractor trailer headed towards the local Warner Fertilizer plant. When he missed the turn to the plant’s front entrance, though, he re-routed by attempting a left hand turn into the southbound entrance. While watching his tires and paying no mind to the railroad tracks, he was caught in the vicious crossfire.

Fortunately, Kalchenia was later stabilized a treated for severe burns after being flown to the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital.

Possibly saving his life, investigators said, is the fact that the truck split in two immediately upon collision, separating the cab from the explosive lighter fluid.

The Pulaski  County Sheriff’s office also noted that they were lucky that the incident was not far worse. According to officials, there was a UPS train trailer with black powder just a few cars a way from the fiery explosion. If that would have been lit, there’s no telling just how much destruction would have occurred.

“It would be a completely different situation [if fire reached black power],” Doug Baker, chief of Somerset-Pulaski Special Response, told ABC News. “Luckily, that didn’t happen, thanks to the quick actions of the local fire department.”

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