GM’s 2015 Chevy Colorado Aims to Take Down Ford Raptor

fordraptorEver since its debut, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor has been churning up the sales charts and posting record breaking numbers each month.  Studies have even shown that on average these beloved Ford Raptors only spend 15 days on dealer lots, compared to the 60 day average.

Autoblog’s Michael Harley says of the Raptor truck, “The street-legal trophy truck- there is really no other way to describe it- is big, brawny and incredibly capable. Let’s just say it’s every bit the monster it visually portrays.”

With the Raptor’s dominance looming over the industry, other major manufacturers have been scrambling for years to put out a worthy rival. After an incredibly long wait, GM believes that it now has a truck that can top it.

Set to debut later this year, GM will be releasing the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado as a Raptor-esque off-road package. However, unlike the HUGE Ford Raptor, the Chevy Colorado will be offered in a smaller, mid-size package.

In total, the Colorado will end up weighing about 2,000 less pounds than the Raptor (4000 vs. 6000). GM believes that this will equal more agility and better performance on the trails. Not to mention more power, despite not featuring a V8 engine as the Raptor does.

The official GM website says, “Expected to provide unprecedented towing and power, the Colorado will offer advanced 2.5L I-4 and 3.6L V6 engines at launch…No other current North American competitor in this class offers a turbo-diesel. But no matter which engine you choose, impressive performance and remarkable efficiency ride shotgun on every trip.”

As to be expected, the new Chevy truck will also be offered with a number of additional add-on features that can further bolster performance.

Undoubtedly, though, GM’s marketing campaign has been doubling down on the truck’s biggest feature: low weight. And guess what? Gm is telling us that a lot of people should be excited by this prospect.

chevycoloradoGM Authority writer Manoli Katakis says, “Low weight is one of the most important elements of a proper off-road vehicle, and General Motors opting to convert its most lithe of current/future truck offerings into a dune-running, rock climbing, hill descending successor to the Hummer H3T is a decision we can get behind.”

With GM putting the new details out on the table, truck lovers will undoubtedly debate over which truck is better. But the final verdict in the court of public opinion will come in a few months when both trucks are officially out on the market.


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