Colorado Armed Carjacking and Police Chase Caught on Tape

Armed with a rifle and handgun, a Colorado man and his girlfriend led police on a wild chase after a spring of car jackings.

The series of events all began around 2:40 p.m. when an officer stopped a man and woman driving a white Ford Crown Victoria for suspicious behavior. After the stop, the cop took the driver’s information and went back to his car before seeing the suspicious vehicle speed off.

carjack2No one is sure yet why the couple decided to flee at that point, but things continued to digress from there.

After fleeing, the suspects carjacked a Subaru Outback at gun point, ripping another couple from their vehicle.

“Next thing you know, the guy pulled out a machine gun and started shooting at him, so he dove in the bushes,” said Bush Sutter, a co-worker of one of the victims.

Still trying to evade police, the two suspects soon ditched the vehicle and knocked on a local Jefferson County house, telling the homeowner that they had been in an accident. The homeowner did not open the doors and planned on calling police before the suspects smashed his front window in.

Still in pursuit, police reported that shots had been fired and that the suspects had ditched the Subaru Outback for a now stolen white truck from the Mount Vernon Country Club. Fortunately, by this time, police helicopters were flying overhead with a direct visual on both suspects as they tried to flee into the local woods.

Through the footage, the white male can be seen wearing a black tank top and matching black cap, the woman wearing all black while carrying a backpack.

At approximately 4:15 p.m., police reported that they had managed to get the woman into custody, but that the man was still on the loose.

Just two minutes later, at 4:17 p.m., the man was seen entering a neighborhood house, eventually slamming a silver SUV through the closed garage door. The suspect then led police in the SUV to the edge of Westbound I-70, before ditching the vehicle to head out on foot.

carjack3The suspect eventually made his way onto the highway, trying to force drivers to stop with his artillery still in hand. Nobody stopped.

Police, however, were closing in and one officer managed to get the suspect to relinquish his weapons, but the highly dangerous suspect refused to be taken into custody and broke into a run. The officer, however, tackled him and made the arrest with the help of a passing motorist.

Spokeswoman Jacki Kelley says, “It was just a relentless pursuit,” Kelley added. “We just continued to pursue the suspect until he eventually gave up. He just had no other choice.”





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