JD Power Ranks Most Appealing Vehicle Brands

On Wednesday, JD Powers released their annual list of today’s most appealing automotive brands. Taken from an extensive consumer survey, the list was topped by Porsche, Jaguar, and Audi.

Porsche’s victory marks a decade long dominance of the U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout study. In the study, buyers rate models and brands that they find most satisfying and appealing in 77 different categories.

hyundaiMoving out from under the shadow of the premium market, Hyundai was the highest rated mainstream brand, followed closely by Volkswagen and Chevy. Hyundai’s win in the mainstream market was its first and a huge victory for the company.

Overall scores were pretty much on par with previous years, minus one category of course: gas mileage.

In an interview with Renee Stephens- vice president for U.S. automotive at JD Power- said in a statement, “Despite improvements this year, fuel economy continues to be the lowest-scoring category in the study by a wide margin.”

Below are the complete brand rankings and scores (the top score possible is 1000):

Porsche: 882

Jaguar: 862

Audi: 858

Land Rover: 853

BMW: 849

Lexus: 844

Mercedes-Benz: 842

Lincoln: 835

Cadillac: 826

Infiniti: 826

Acura: 814

Volvo: 812

Hyundai: 804

Ram: 800

Volkswagen: 796


Buick: 792

Chevrolet: 791

GMC: 791

Kia: 791

Dodge: 790

Mazda: 790

Ford: 789

Nissan: 786

Chrysler: 783

Honda: 783

Toyota: 783

Scion: 779

Fiat: 786

Subaru: 766

Jeep: 762




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