Tesla’s Model 3 Announcement Sends Waves

Since the beginning of 2014, no automotive company has shown more promise and potential for growth than the American grown, Tesla. In fact, it almost seems like Tesla is in the news every week for some major invention, business move, or automotive release.

tes2The ability to stay in the news is part of an almost magical marketing campaign that has captivated the country.

In an interview with CNET, John Voelcker- senior editor for High Gear Media- says, “Tesla has had an ability to market itself without actually paying for much marketing and attract tens of thousands of devoted followers. It has grabbed the imagination of the technology-following public and the car-buying public in a way that I don’t think [has] very many other parallels.”

This past week was no different for Tesla, as they made two major news breaking stories.

The Tesla Model 3

First, Tesla became a trending topic with the announcement of the new Tesla 3, which should be available by 2017. The new Tesla 3 will also reportedly be sold for an extremely reasonable $35,000, an amazing accomplishment that delivers on the affordability promises that owner Elon Musk has been making for the past few years.

tes3In order to cut the costs, Musk and company have been working on a battery that is 20% smaller, while still being able to go the extraordinary 200 miles on a single charge.

Tesla’s Factory Renovation

Also taking over the news was Tesla’s $100 million investment in their Fremont, California factory. The investment is aimed at prepping for major manufacturing of the Tesla Model X Crossover.

According to reports, the factory will add 25 robots and upgrades to the body shop and assembly line. In an interview with Bloomberg, Tesla spokesperson Simon Sproule says, “This represents the single biggest investment in the plant since we really started operations and enables us for higher volumes.”

These new investments will not only help build the Model X Crossovers, but will also help the company fire out both the Model S and Model X on the same assembly line.

Yes, it’s been another big week for Tesla, and I’m sure next week will be just as big. Stay tuned!

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