Are Ford Drivers Excited for the Aluminum 2015 F-150??

Earlier this year, Ford made headlines by releasing details about their plans to release a new aluminum bodied 2015 F-150 model. According to Ford, the aluminum body would help to cut 700 pounds off of the truck’s weight, increasing fuel efficiency for drivers.

f1502Nobody was quite sure how truck fanatics would react. After all, there were a lot of questions still to be answered:

Would an aluminum body cost more?

Would it be as durable?

Would repairs become more difficult?

Looking for answers, global research firm UBS conducted an independent study to see how drivers actually felt about Ford’s recent transition.

In the study, UBS found that the majority of drivers were not opposed to the aluminum transition. In fact, if anything, they were intrigued.

UBS analyst Colin Langan says, “There were steel loyalists, but once you gave them details, the preference for aluminum switches. Educated consumers tend to see this as an asset…There clearly seems a situation where Ford will be capacity constrained on the truck given the demand. Clearly, there’s a lot of excitement.”

And based on all of the reports and testing and information, this truck DOES seem top notch.

The official Ford website backs up their transition by saying, “[The 2015 F-150] accelerates, brakes, and resists corrosion like never before. We maximized the efficiency without sacrificing any performance or capability. [During testing] we punished the suspension, the steering, all the metals, all the joints.”

In addition to all of that, the new F-150 is priced comparably, only adding $600 in premium fees.

Brandt Coultas, Ford’s F-150 marketing manager says, “We know that customers want productivity. We ended up making major portions out of aluminum because it allows us to deliver those customer needs. The new F-150 will allow them to haul more and tow more and they’ll be able to do it more efficiently.”


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