Electric Miata Burns Tesla at the Track (w/ Video)

In a race filmed by Road Test TV, a souped up electric Miata went head to head in a quarter mile race with today’s most popular up and comer, the Tesla Model S.

What happened?

Well, the battery-electric powered, forest green Miata blew the Tesla out of the water. The Miata reeled in a 9.27 quarter mile time at 142 miles per hour compared to the 12.72 quarter mile time at 102 miles per hour for the Tesla.

But wait!!

Don’t be too critical of the Tesla Model S. It was only a stock car, and it went up against a completely amped up Miata. In fact, the Miata featured full drag-spec tires, which were squeezed under a rear arch. It also used a modified forklift motor for each wheel, charged by a 333-volt lithium-ion battery pack.

So, what are we to make out of this race? Well, not too much, except the idea that an electric Miata could be really, really fucking sick.



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