Stunt Drivers Test Genesis’ Autonomous Features In Daredevil Commercial

hyundaiIn an attempt to showcase their latest autonomous features, Hyundai released a new daredevil commercial featuring trained stunt drivers operating a convoy of 2015 Genesis sedans.

Throughout the spot, audiences are brought face to face with the new automated cruise control, lane keeping camera, and emergency braking technology. These, of course, are all found in the new Genesis.

In a description from Hyundai’s website, the company describes the method and benefits of the vehicle’s automated emergency braking system:

“The Genesis features an advanced Automatic Emergency Braking system that uses both cameras and radar sensors. In fog, rain or other extreme conditions, it cans see what’s happening up ahead and alert you of danger. If a crash is imminent and the driver does not react, the system deploys Automatic Emergency Braking. The system can even apply full brake force stopping from 5 to 50 MPH, giving you an added element of safety.”

If anybody had any doubts about this system’s capabilities, this commercial surely squashes that. Check it out.

These benefits, of course, are only half of the story when it comes to Hyundai. Just over a decade ago, the company had fallen to the depths of the industry, ostracized as a laughing stock, a producer of low-grade vehicles. But since a managerial and philosophical overhaul have taken place, the company has risen up the ranks, producing some of today’s most esteemed vehicles. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is the epoch of this success.

The most recent Edmunds review had this to say about the car: “[Hyundai’s] reinvention scales new heights with the Hyundai Genesis, the manufacturer’s first stab at the luxury car market. Quiet as a murmur and drenched in luxury, it offers genuine opulence at an unbelievably low price, and credibly competes with premium sedans by Acura, Cadillac, Infiniti and Lexus.”

Yes, Hyundai is now a contender in the automotive market, and the 2015 Genesis is the latest weapon that they are wielding.

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