Father and Daughter Duo Chase Down Burglars and Get It All on Tape

What would you do if you came home to find out that your house was being burglarized?

Well, Kevin Smith- a plastic surgeon from Houston, Texas- and his 22 year old daughter Alana decided to go after the robbers in a daring high speed chase.

kevinArriving home on a Friday afternoon from a business trip, Smith and his daughter saw a trio of thieves exiting their house in a red pickup. Worried that Smith’s other daughter- Kara- may have been kidnapped, they proceeded to follow them on a long and winding and EXTREMELY dangerous trip.

“I locked eyes on them, and their eyes were terrified. I knew that they had done something terrible,” Alana said in an interview with CNN. “I didn’t know what happened to my sister, and I didn’t know if she was okay. My instinct was this was my only chance to get these guys.”

Their fear for Alana’s sister only grew worse after placing a few phone calls and getting no answer (fortunately, she was just at the gym and didn’t hear the calls).

To document the entire incident, Smith pulled out his cell phone and began to record (see video below).

After just a few minutes, the driver of the red pickup noticed that he was being followed. That’s when he threw his truck into reverse and slammed it into the Smiths’ Audi A8 Sedan. When that didn’t seem to deter their pursuers, the driver rammed his truck into reverse again and smashed into the Sedan a second time.

On the cell phone video, Alana can be heard asking her father, “Dad, now what do I do?” after their vehicle shut down during one of the collisions. That’s when her father tells her to turn the car back on and continue with the chase.

When the pursuit picked up again, the drivers of the pickup became even more enraged. This time, they turned their truck around and drove head on towards the sedan.

kevin2Smith said, “It was just like in the movies. It was really eerie. At the end of this road, you see the truck turn around and you see the red truck popped out of the dust and head right towards us.”

The truck then slammed head on into the Audi and sent the Sedan spiraling into the ditch. That’s when they decided to call the cops. Within minutes, the police arrived at the scene and soon managed to arrest two of the three men.

After the incident, Smith said, “I’m proud of my daughter. As a father, you really don’t know how you raised your kid until they get older and you see how they can handle themselves. I don’t want her to be a cavalier, but I want her to know I am proud.”

Police are now investigating if these thieves are associated with a string of robberies that has been continually haunting the Houston neighborhood over the past few months. Smith believes that these may be the culprits and said, “I’m tired of these people taking advantage of us. We’re not going to tolerate it anymore in our neighborhood.”

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