13 Year Old Girl Almost Hit By Semi While Boarding School Bus (W/ Video)

busLast week was the last day of school for most Minnesota schools. For 13 year old Alexis Schwartz, it was almost the last day of her life.

As she was boarding her bus to head to the final day of classes, Alexis was blasted with a storm of gravel and dust as a semi-truck illegally sped between her and the bus.

In an interview with Minnesota’s Channel 5 Eye Witness news, Schwartz said, “It came out of nowhere and tried to hurt me, the dust kicked up on me and then I had to step back because that just freaked me out and made my heart go crazy.”

According to reports, she was missed by just an inch and a half!

The incident happened right outside of Alexis’ home at the end of her driveway. Mike Egerman, the school bus driver, says that he made the stop, put up the stop arm, and even says that two vehicles stopped behind him. That’s when the semi sped by at about 50 miles per hour.

Egerman says, “As soon as that semi went by, I couldn’t see her. I thought she was under the semi. I thought she was dead. And all of the sudden, the dust cleared, and there she stood.”

Egerman wasn’t the only frightened witness, though. There were at least a dozen children on the bus, as well as Alexis frightened mother watching from the house.

Schwartz’s mother said, “It’s mind blowing to see how close it came. He should be held accountable, we need the public’s help to find him. I was in tears. I was terrified for her. I mean if she hadn’t been paying attention, she could have been dead. That truck could have killed her.”

Fortunately, the whole incident was caught on the bus’s dashboard camera, which officers then posted to Youtube asking for help from citizens. Late Tuesday night, the offending driver willingly turned himself in.

lieutenantLieutenant Eric Roeske said via Twitter, “We rec’d a call last evening from a person ID’ing themself as the driver of the semi inv in the incident on Hwy 23 last Fri.. the name of the person will not be released while the investigation is active, thanks for helping us get the word out!”

In an interview with the local news, the lieutenant added, “Obviously this is an incredibly dangerous situation. It could’ve been a horrific tragedy had she been any nearer to the roadway.”

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