Jay Leno’s Garage Is The Best Auto Show Online

Earlier this year, Jay Leno FINALLY relinquished his role as the host of The Tonight Show. This step down wasn’t easy for Leno, but after his botched 2010 retirement (R.I.P. Conan O’Brien era), it was important for him to step down smoothly and with no incident.

So, in the months leading up to his retirement, Leno began developing and investing more time in his Youtube channel, Jay Leno’s Garage. Leno says, “I do have this Jay Leno’s Garage channel and that’s been successful. I really enjoy that and it’s different from what I do here so consequently I’m not competing against the shadow of my former self.”

Reeling in well over 100,000 views per weekly episode, the project has undoubtedly been therapeutic for the ultra-competitive Leno. It allows him an outlet and a way to compete, while exploring his well-documented passion of classic automobiles.

lenoOn the show, Leno dedicates each episode to one of his classic automobiles (he has about 900 in total). Within the 15 minutes, he talks about the history of the car, does interviews, and shows off its capabilities. It basically has everything that all of us car junkies could ever want. On top of that, it’s entertaining. But that should be no surprise considering that Leno is one of the funniest and most colored comedians of the past 50 years.

Leno reminds us of this with each episode. On this week’s latest episode (check it out below), Leno humorously describes his beautiful 1930 Bentley-27 Liter, saying, “It certainly raises eyebrows when people see it. It’s like a plus size model; it carries its weight very well. Look at the booty on this thing, massive gas tank!”

But don’t let the humor fool you; Leno is a bonafide expert when it comes to cars. For years, he has had a regular column in Popular Mechanics, which often gives advice on a wide array of automotive topics, including restoration. On top of that, Leno also writes his “Motormouth” column for The Sunday Times. In these articles, he reviews sports cars and delivers his trademark wit.

For Leno, this web series is his new pet project, but like The Tonight Show, he understands that these things are fleeting. He says, “I just bought an old steamer from a 75 year old guy who’s had it for 30 or 45 years, and he got it from an old guy. You know, I’m hours away from being an old guy myself.  So, the next person will have it, and that’s what it is. We keep passing it down.”

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