Restoration Alert- Aston Martin DB5 on Sale for $16,000!!

Back in 1964, James Bond was the definition of cool. His character had come off of two wildly successful films, Dr. No and From Russia with Love, and he was gearing up for the classic 3rd installment, Goldfinger. For filmmakers, there of course was a simple formula they followed to make sure that 007 stayed cool. It consisted of:

  1. Having the best guns and high-technology weapons
  2. Having beautiful women around him all of the time (How could anybody top classic Bond girls like Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore? It can’t be done).
  3. Having the very best automobiles.

Movie watchers, of course, watched and wanted to be just like James Bond. That is why everyone immediately fell in love with his classic Goldfinger Aston Martin DB-5.

as2In fact, since the movie’s release, the Aston Martin DB-5 has evolved into one of the most iconic vehicles of all-time. Just last year, there were reports of one of the classic cars selling for over 4.6 million dollars, all of the gadgets included!!!

Obviously, getting your hands on one of these beauties should never be taken for granted. Everyone knows that, but sometimes a car will just slip through the cracks.

Currently, a Wiltshire, England man is selling his Aston Martin DB-5 for just £10,000 (roughly $16,000 American). It turns out that the traveling businessman spotted the vehicle in a repair facility as he was waiting for a train at Paddington Station over 35 years ago. According to the man, he always planned on restoring the vehicle, but poor health kept him away from the project.

So instead, it just slowly wilted away in storage.

as3But despite the broken down condition, this Aston Martin could be a worthwhile investment for a car lover. According to Clive Dickinson, an Aston Martin specialist, says, “A full restoration of a DB5 would cost around £250,000 – £300,000 but DB5 values are steadily rising and a fully-restored model can now sell for £700,000.”

That could be a payoff of over $500,000!!! Surely, there will be a war over it when it goes up for sale next month on May 17th in Newport Pagnell, England. Might be worth a trip.


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