Dodge Challenger Has Top Viral Video

Today, one of the biggest battlegrounds for automotive advertising is on Youtube. Each week, new spots debut on the video channel and slug it out for the top spot, hoping to land on the “Popular on Youtube” list. Last week, Dodge slaughtered the competition with its ad, entitled “Wisdom,” made for the 2015 Dodge Challenger.

The extremely popular Challenger ad springs on to the screen with a series of extreme close ups featuring old, withering faces (weirdly, a popular ploy in advertisement) telling the audience how old they are as they give advice on how to be a better person; “Learn from your mistakes,” “You will learn not to cheat.”

2015challenger2Then, about halfway through, there is an abrupt switch.

Squealing electric guitars take over as the Dodge Challenger’s wheels spin in place. And, the advice switches in tone, too.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“Don’t always do what you’re told to do.”

“Be a bad boy.”

So, what is the commentary on the Dodge Challenger? What are they trying to say? Well, it seems that Dodge is saying that it’s okay to let loose and get dirty if you a car like the Challenger. No wait, they are saying that IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to let loose and go wild.

After all, the Challenger is a car that is built with rebellion in mind. It is a throwback to the classic muscle cars that stood for revolt and going against the grain.

Check out what Edmunds had to say about the car: “No model connects Dodge to its muscle car past like the Challenger… It’s the new supercharged engine causing the most buzz, however. The 6.2-liter “Hellcat” engine, as it’s called by insiders, is smaller than the current Challenger’s largest V8, but can reportedly generate more horsepower than the 660-horsepower V10 in the SRT Viper.”

Those are some impressive numbers, and the car is a definite badass. And it seems that the public feels that way, too. Maybe, that’s why it was the top automotive video of the week, reeling in a combined 6.6 million views and topping Automotive Week’s top viral video list.

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