The 4 Most Important Ford Mustangs of All-Time

On Thursday, the Ford Mustang will celebrate its 50th anniversary!!! Over the course of this long and storied history, the Mustang has evolved and gone through many different looks and styles, becoming an icon of modern America. Keith Cran writes, “In America one other icon, the Chevrolet Corvette, has survived and prospered for more than half a century. But great as it is, the Corvette never sold like the Mustang.”

This, of course, is because the Mustang is and has always been America’s car. But what is the best Mustang of all-time? Well, that’s nearly an impossible question to answer. So instead, I’ll my top 3 most important Mustangs of all-time…


4. The 1970 and 2012 Mustang Boss 302s

For this spot on my list, I am going to combine the 1970 and 2012 versions of the Boss 302. Both are testaments to the history of Mustang’s power and capabilities. For the powerful 1970, Mustang made just 1600 units, making them instant collectibles. 32 years later, it was time to re-make the classic car, and Mustang created one of the most powerful and ferocious cars available today.


79 mustang

3. The 1979 Mustang

This was a changing of the guard type vehicle for the classic company, becoming the first “fox body” Mustang (a style that ran from 79-93). Adding to its significance is the fact that this car may have saved the Mustang altogether after the company had flopped with the Mustang 2.



2. The 1965 Shelby GT350

Almost immediately after the original Mustang debuted, designer Carroll Shelby started reconfiguring the design. With ’65 Shelby GT350, there was a 289-cubic inch V-8, a high-riser intake manifold, welded tube headers, and cast-aluminum valve rocker that could amp up the vehicle to 306 horsepower. Car and Driver says, “What Shelby has done is to convert the Mustang fastback coupe into a road-going version of a NASCAR stocker.” That is enough to land it the top spot on my list.


Promotional Shot Of 1964 Ford Mustang

1. The 1964 1/2 Mustang

The 64.5 Mustang is the original and quintessential Ford Mustang. It originally debuted at the 1964 New York World Fair and was sold for an astonishing $2,368. Because of the price and unparalleled style, the car helped to usher in the muscle car era. It featured a 289 cid V8 engine that produced 210 horsepower. This car was so important to not only the automotive industry but the United States as a whole that it was issued its very own commemorative postage stamp in 1999.

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