Mad Max Re-Boot With New Vehicles Is Turning Heads

madmax11Back in 1979, before becoming notorious for racist rants and alcohol fueled fits of rage, Mel Gibson burst onto the big screen as the great Max Rockatansky in the cult classic Mad Max film. The film, of course, was originally made for Australian audiences, but it became so big that it was soon shipped over to America, drawing huge audiences and rave reviews.

Film critic Emmanuel Levy says, “It was a new type of film, an uncompromisingly brutal, post-apocalyptic action thriller…[the] impressively shot, ultra violent post-apocalyptic saga from Australia made Mel Gibson an instant star.”

Almost immediately, the film became a cult classic. In case you haven’t seen it, the story is built upon a rogue motorcycle gang that unmercifully rapes and murders unsuspecting victims in a post-apocalyptic world. After his own family falls prey, Max- played by Gibson- seeks revenge for the crime (see the clip below). Undoubtedly, it is one of the great motorcycle gang movies of all-time, and one of the greatest automotive films, too.

The movie went on to two spawn two more sequels that came out in 1981 and 1985 and a legion of lifelong fans. But that was nearly 30 years ago now!!!

madmax7Fortunately, though, the Mad Max cravings will be quelled with a re-boot of the proud franchise. Set to release in 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road will star Tom Hardy (Bane from The Dark Knight Rises!!), as well as the beautiful Zoe Kravitz and gorgeous Charlize Theron. Most agree that the trade-off of Gibson for Hardy probably won’t be a very big deal, especially considering the fact that original director George Miller is coming back.

As not only the original director but also the original writer, Miller’s presence will most likely ensure a great, true to form Mad Max film. And Miller has been working hard to make sure this happen; Miller says, “Our film, luckily after a ridiculous amount of work, is testing extremely well. We’re very happy. There has been a lot of doubt about it, [people saying], ‘it took so long,’ but Warners has delayed it until 2015 to go into the top weekend of the year.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of the new film will surely be the role of technology and modern effects. Surely, new, younger audiences will be mostly craving electricity and an overall dazzling display, cherry topped with numerous explosions. But for film buffs, the pacing and the grainy, simplistic style of the original film was extremely important in mirroring the disillusioned dystopia. With a seasoned veteran like Miller on board, it will be interesting to see what directions he takes (most likely something in between, a la The Dark Knight series; needless to say, I have hopes).

One thing is for sure, though. Based on leaked pictures, the new film HAS taken the vehicles to an even higher level. The original included classics like the 1972 XBFord Falcon, the 1972 Holden HQ Monaro, and the Kawasaki 1977 KZ-1000. But this one may have some of the most badass vehicles in recent memory, including a rigged up, double cab Cadillac. Check out the pictures below.
















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