The 2014 Ram Power Wagon Is a Beast

In March 1946, Dodge released the very first civilian 4-Wheel drive vehicle ever. The name? The Power Wagon. Over the years, Dodge built off of this ideal, continually creating some of the best trucks in history. Then in 1980, Dodge decided to halt production on the world famous truck, opting instead to create the “Power Ram” truck.

dodgeThis did not sit too well with truck enthusiasts.

For years, gear heads clamored for the truck to be brought back into production. It was a mixture of nostalgia and wanting a truck that is solely dedicated to handling the toughest conditions. USA Today writer Chris Woodyard writes, “For pickup truck fanciers, there are few names more hallowed than the Power Wagon… They were highly utilitarian, four-wheel-drive trucks aimed at those who venture into the wilderness for work, from forestry crews to utility workers.”

In 2005 after a 25 year hiatus, the higher-ups at Dodge finally got the message and decided to bring back the Power Wagon. This, of course, brought truck lovers to their feet.

With each year since its resurrection, the Power Wagon has gotten bigger and bolder. But NONE can rival the new 2014 Ram Power Wagon. Debuting at today’s New York Auto Show, the new Dodge Power Wagon has been turning heads and getting people talking by upgrading from last year’s model in nearly every possible way.

Firstly, the 2014 Power Wagon sports a new suspension and frame that bolsters the new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 engine rocketing 410 horsepower. These are considerable upgrades from last year’s 5.7-liter that only powered 383 horsepower.

Additionally, the 2014 Power Wagon amps up the size of the rear axle from 10.5 inches to 11.5 inches and equips it with 4.10 gearing. It also has electronic locking front and rear axles, skids plates and a class-exclusive sway bar disconnect. All of this, of course, is aimed at one thing: giving drivers the capability of slashing through any terrain.

Ram Truck CEO, Reid Bigland, says, “The 2014 Ram Power Wagon fills a need for those who travel into extreme terrain for rescue or recreation, while delivering on-road civility and the towing capability expected from a heavy-duty truck.”

Currently, the Power Wagon is going for $45,960, and it looks to be worth every cent.


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