Kumho Kickstarts Its 2014 Racing Season

kumtireKumho is screeching into the 2014 professional super car racing series known as the “Super Race”.  Kumho’s team, called the Ecsta Racing Team, is looking to turn a lot of heads this year. The racers, which named after its high-performance race tires, will bring two cars to compete in the circuit with three different versions of the Ecsta tires, the V70A, S700, and W710, each specially engineered depending on track conditions. The two cars will compete in the Super 6000, a circuit held only for cars with engine displacement over 6,000cc.

“We have sponsored several motor sport teams for the past 20 years, and we believe the talented drivers of the Ecsta Racing Team can produce good results under out sponsorship,” says Cho Jae-suk, CEO of Kumho.

Click Here to learn more about what Kumho has lined up for the upcoming season.

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