Jimmy Fallon Buys His New Truck on the Tonight Show

Since its debut on February 17th, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has been the talk of the town. That’s because he brought in a fresh wave of energy to a program that had grown stale under the watch of Jay Leno; no disrespect to those in the 50 to one-foot-in-the-grave age group that thought Leno was still quite charming.

Much of Fallon’s appeal stems from his ability to think outside of the box, incorporating new and unusual gimmicks into his show (some of my personal favorites include his duets with Bruce Springsteen). Earlier this month, Fallon utilized his gimmick technique to perfection when reaching out to the automotive community.

fallontruckWhat did he do?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Fallon announced that he was shopping for a new pickup truck, but he wasn’t sure which one to get. So, he turned the choosing of his truck into a public event, allowing different manufacturers to give him their pitch. Unsurprisingly, the Big 3 automakers were at the front of this line, realizing that such a large scale public endorsement would be huge for sales.

Within hours of the original announcement, Fallon received tweets from Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge.  Check out the one from Ford below:

Last night, after weeks of speculation, Fallon finally announced the winner: the Ford F-150 King Ranch. (See video). Currently, the King Ranch is available with a 5.0 L V8 FFV Engine or a 3.5 L Eco-Boost V6 engine. Overall, the car has gotten positive reviews, analysts saying that the vehicle has taken luxury to another level while still providing the premium strength that has come to be expected of the F-150 line. Certainly, these features appealed to the late night comic.

Fallon says, “Pumpkin season is coming up in the fall; I got to be ready to haul those puppies around town.” Of course, there are already reports out that say Fallon and The Tonight Show team were influenced by one other thing: money. It’s already been announced that Ford has secured an advertisement deal with the late night show, most likely after winning a bidding war with the other companies.

However, the Ford contest isn’t quite over. Next week, Fallon will be going through the process of selecting which Ford dealer he will buy from; this is, undoubtedly, just another part of the extended Ford advertisement. Either way, both Fallon and Ford are going to be making some money off of this deal because the Tonight Show reboot is killing in the ratings, and the extended ads are going to be seen by millions.



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