Brilliant Light & Bulletproof Tough: Rigid Industries

The top drivers in the world’s toughest off-road races rely on Rigid Industries’ lighting systems to show them the way. Why Rigid Industries? Because its lighting systems are the brightest on the market as well as the toughest.

Ever since Rigid Industries pioneered LED lighting systems for off-road vehicles, ATVs and UTVs, Jeeps, farm vehicles and boats, its lights have led the industry in brightness. Rigid Industries is also legendary for the bulletproof construction and reliability of its lights. Just ask Baja 1000 racer Mickey Childress who crashed his Class 1 truggy at 117mph. When the dust cleared the truggy was destroyed but his Rigid Industries 20” Light Bar was still fully working!

Rigid Industries puts its lights up against chop saws, hammers, baseball bats and even bullets and they still continue to function. Find out more about the brightest, toughest lights on the market…

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