Leading the LED Light Revolution: Rigid Industries

LED lighting for vehicles has only been around for a few years. Audi is often credited with putting the first front-facing LEDs as standard on its cars in 2007, a move copied by several other manufacturers since then.

But a year before Audi went the LED route young company Rigid Industries LED Lighting had already introduced the LED light bar. The 2006 launch was an industry first and established Rigid Industries as the leading LED light specialist.

Rigid Industries still leads LED technology today as it continues to innovate and develop LED lighting solutions for off-road vehicles, Jeeps, ATVs and trucks. Rigid Industries’ LED light systems set industry standards for brightness with minimal power consumption.

Thanks to Rigid Industries off-road drivers don’t have to quit the trails when the sun sets, and any driver wanting additional light at night can find a Rigid Industries light suited to their vehicle. Read more…

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