More Power For Less Money – Air Induction

You’re happily cruising along, you put your foot to the floor, but nothing happens… it’s not a nice feeling. Whether it’s that heavy load in your truck bed or that pair of jet skis you’re towing, either way you’re left feeling like Captain Kirk yelling at Scotty that you need more power.

Trucks and SUVs aren’t exactly built for speed and so many owners are looking to aftermarket products to give their vehicles a bit of an edge. But are you really getting that much bang for your bucks? Aftermarket sales account for over $250 billion in the U.S. alone, so what should you spend your money on to see real results?

Air induction systems are inexpensive to buy, easy to fit and provide an instant increase in power and responsiveness. Anyone trying to get a bit more grunt from their engine should certainly fit an air induction system.

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