First Look: New Drifter Plow from Cycle Country/Kolpin

“This week Sesame Street is brought to you by the letter ‘i’ and the word ‘innovate’.” No that wasn’t a real episode of the popular kid’s TV show, but if it had been, those clever folks at Cycle Country would no doubt have been watching.

Cycle Country has become synonymous with innovation. It was the first company to offer the ATV snowplow, it was the pioneer of the poly plow, it pioneered the ‘drive in and exchange’ DIX-C plow system, and now Cycle Country and parent Kolpin is launching its latest innovation; the easy on, easy off Drifter Plow.

The Drifter Plow is a complete plow system in which the blade and pushtubes attach and un-attach from the frame mount in seconds. Get a first look at this new plow system here…

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