Things all car enthusiasts encounter

Everyone should check this out. It’s awesome and hilarious. Happy Friday! 🙂

The Joyride

You took your mom’s Jeep offroad and got it stuck 15 miles out in the woods in a snowmobile trail.


The Money Pit

It’s all downhill after the first mod.


Best Day Ever

When UPS pulls up in your driveway with car parts.


Deal With It

Your passenger complains about how noisy your exhaust is.


Buckle Up, Bro

Riding shotgun after watching a Fast & Furious marathon at a friend’s house.


Das Frustration

“I’ll do the maintenance myself.” Jack the car up, remove wheel, pads, caliper, two bolts left: Triple square bolts.

vw fix

“Pics or it didn’t happen”

You just pulled the world’s most awesome slide (according to you) but nobody saw it.


For sale: Winter beater

Back at the wheel after leaving your car in hibernation mode all winter.


The Optimist

“It’s not the car, it’s the driver.”


The Expert

We all know that one guy.




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