Lego Jeep on eBay Sells for More Than Some Used Jeeps

Our friends at Dick’s Auto Group just posted about this Lego Jeep set selling for over $1,000. Check it out!!



Dick's Auto Group's Blog


Before Lego set up shop in Connecticut in 1973 to serve the North American market, Samsonite – yes, that Samsonite – was the US licensee and distributor. At the same time the luggage company had a fake gorilla bashing its bags about in television commercials, it was making European Lego sets and its own US sets. One of the European kits was the 1968 330:210 Jeep Set, with 91 pieces that built an old-school Willys.

You can find plenty of Samsonite Lego bricks and building systems on eBay, many requiring a couple hundred bucks to make a sale. The seller of this Lego Jeep, which is still in its plastic-wrapped box, topped them all with a recent sale price of $1,049.

That sum could get you an actual Jeep; cast a wide net on AutoTrader and you’ll find plenty of high-mileage Cherokees at and below the four-figure barrier. According to Brick Picker, a Lego price and…

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