Wiesmann Automotives Officially Shuts Down

Say goodbye to the classic and beautiful Wiesmann cars. After 25 years of production, the North German company is closing down its operations.

wesAccording to reports, all but 6 of their 125 employees have been sent home for good. “The factory, the maintenance shop, everything is closed. There is no future for Wiesmann, it’s finished,” said one of the remaining employees.

This, of course, is no surprise. Wiesmann’s financial problems originally started in 2009, when the company launched a poorly timed expansion as the world slipped into an economic slowdown.

For years, Wiesmann grinded through the sludge, hoping that the company could be revived. But things got even worse last summer when the company filed for bankruptcy. They spent the next few months developing and shopping a plan to revive the company, but creditors were not interested.

Obviously, this is a sad time for the families involved with the company. But it’s also a sad time for a lot of car lovers. Since their debut in 1988, founding brothers engineer Martin Wiesmann and businessman Friedhelm Wiesmann have given the world some of the best crafted super cars of the past quarter century.

Even better was the fact that these cars were also extremely rare, with only 1,700 total being produced in 25 years. Last year, at the Geneva Auto Show, the company unveiled its final masterpiece, the GT MF4-CS. Only 25 of this model were made!

The GT MF4-CS went for an astonishing $250,000 and featured a BMW-sourced V-8 engine that delivered 420 horsepower. This helped the car have a 4.4 0-60 time and a top speed of 182 miles per hour.

The latest GT MF4-CS isn’t the only great car from their lineup, though. In memory of the company, below are some of their most infamous cars. R.I.P.

wiesmann gt

Wiesmann GT MF5

Price- $500,000

Top Speed- 193 miles per hour


Wiesmann Spyder Concept

Price $1 million

Top Speed- 180 miles per hour

wies mf3

Wiesmann Roadster MF3

Price-  $300,000

Top Speed- 158 miles per hour

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