‘Speed Freaks’ Arrive At SEMA 2013

castrol-rocket-1This year at SEMA there was a tremendous turn-out of wickedly-fast supercars. Lamborghini, Ferrari and McClaren all came out to show off their 200 mph+ works of art, and though their top speeds are insanely quick; we couldn’t help but notice a certain two-wheeled rocket ship that was looming in front of the Castrol booth in Las Vegas.
Stretching out 25-feet in length, there it sat; a menacing Carbon Kevlar machine that looked unlike anything else at SEMA. The Castrol Rocket, which is appropriately named, is one of the wildest motorcycles in the world and fastest, too. Even when it’s parked the Rocket looks like it is going 100 mph.
The Castrol Team came out to the event this year to let the automotive industry take a look at their 1,000 horsepower land-missile before they head to Bonneville later this year. Read more about the Castrol Rocket Here.

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