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James Bond Submarine Lotus Esprit on Sale on eBay for $1 Million


There has never been a film franchise, in all of history, more enduring and more prolific than the James Bond 007 series. This popularity has catapulted the careers of numerous stars, spawned wildly successful video games, and brought to the screen some of the most innovative gadgets in all of the world. Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable gadgets featured in ... Read More »

CRAZY Driver Attempts Daredevil Move to Get Out of Traffic Jam


Traffic jams are a B****. We can all agree about that. Spending wasted hours, trapped with no place to go, it really can’t get any worse than that. But how far would you go to get out of one? Well, in this video, we see a guy pulling an absolutely wild move, leaning his vehicle on two wheels as he ... Read More »

Audi Races Driverless Technology Against Human Drivers (w/ Video)


Over the weekend, two Audi RS7 performance sedans blazed across a track in northern Germany: one with a driver and one without. Even more amazing, though, is the fact that the driverless car won the matchup by an astonishing five seconds. The performance should be no surprise, though. Audi has been working extremely hard throughout 2014 on improving its autonomous ... Read More »

Naked Breasts Billboard Campaign Causes 517 Accidents in One Day


Russia, a land of Vodka and tennis and beautiful supermodels, is attracting worldwide attention for an avalanche of accidents caused by a naked breasts-ad campaign. According to reports, the campaign was started by AdvTruck– an advertising company in Moscow– that was trying to convince businesses to invest in mobile billboards that would be featured on moving vans across the city. ... Read More »

Ford Has Turned a 2015 F-150 Into a WILD Drift Truck for SEMA


For 4 years running, Ford has taken the illustrious SEMA award– which recognizes the most popular vehicles up on display– at the unbelievably popular and world-famous SEMA event in Las Vegas. This year, they are doing their best to secure that award for the 5th straight year. Heading into the event, Ford has already gotten people talking about one vehicle ... Read More »