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Driver NARROWLY Avoids Accident


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Fatal Motorcycle Crash Caught on Camera


Below are two angles of the same incident. According to reports, the man involved in the accident was 32 years old and did not die instantly. Witnesses reported seeing him moving seconds after the crash before passing away. It is believed that he was travelling at 160 km per hour; for all you Americans out there that’s equal to 99 ... Read More »

Next Week’s Paris Motor Show Kicks Off the Auto Show Season


EVERYBODY GET READY. We are about to enter the most fun time of the year: the Auto Show Season. Sure, some people scoff at these high-profile events, swearing that they are pointless and filled with irrelevant concept vehicles. But don’t listen to that; those people are idiots. These Auto Shows are extremely important because they not only serve as a ... Read More »

Toyota Recalling 690,000 Tacoma Pickups


Today, Toyota announced that they will be recalling 690,000 midsize Tacoma pickup trucks in order to fix the rear suspension. The models involved in this recall include Tacoma 4×4’s and Tacoma Pre-Runners from years 2005-2011. According to Toyota, “The involved vehicles’ rear suspension system contains leaf springs that are constructed of either three or four leaves. There is a possibility that ... Read More »

Attempted Car Theft- Old Lady Fights Back and WINS


Over the weekend from across the pond, a video of an old lady battling a carjacker went viral. The video shows little, old Ms. Smythe on her way out for a holiday vacation. In the car, she has about 700 pounds of luggage and her passport. The, out of nowhere, a young man notices an opening to jump in the ... Read More »