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GM Set To Be Industry Leader in Nagging Cars


You ever get tired of your wife nagging you for not keeping your eyes on the road every time she’s in the car? Then you might want to stay away from GM dealerships because they’re making sure she’s riding shotgun from here on out! …or at least a computured chiming version of her. THAT’S RIGHT! Over the next three to ... Read More »

Monster Car Takes On Mud Pit… EPIC FAIL


Look, monster trucks are about the coolest f**king thing in the world. I mean, I’m willing to shell out 100 clams to go watch those motherf**kers do their business, smashing up piece of crap-throw ‘em down the river-heap of junk cars any day of the freaking week. That’s what I freaking live for. But this thing? A car-jacked up to ... Read More »

Meet the One-of-a-Kind Bacon Bike (w/ Video)


A couple of years ago, Hornel Foods was looking to make a serious splash for their Black Label bacon brand in the consumer world. They knew they needed an attention grabber, something that could promote and turn wandering eyes their way. With this mission in mind, the company h0ned their energy into one fantastical Frankenstein creation: The Bacon Bike. This specially ... Read More »

Lamborghini Huracan Races Russian Su-30 Jet


Racing against jets has become part of the super car tradition, with auto enthusiasts demanding more every time as manufacturers relish in the opportunity to showcase their vehicle’s capabilities.  Well, last week, the Lamborghini Huracan was ready to take its turn against a Russian Su-30 jet. On paper, the Lamborghini Huracan is one of the fastest and most explosive cars in ... Read More »

Incredible Racing Move


At a recent Mazda MX-5 Cup race from Silverstone in the UK, driver James Rogers was flying down the track, gunning for a first place finish. Within just a few turns, though, Rogers- who was at the time in third place- gets the wool pulled over his eyes by a fellow driver. It is one of the trickiest racing moves ... Read More »