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Chrysler Recalls 288,000 Dodge Ram Pickups


Earlier today, Fiat-Chrysler announced that they will be recalling 288,000 Dodge Ram pickups in the United States due to a loose nut that may cause the rear axle to seize. A probe led by the NHTSA also found that the driveshaft in these trucks could detach without any warning, possibly causing an accident. Impacted by this recall are all Dodge 1500 ... Read More »

As Gas Prices Drop, Diesel Remains Sky High


In the past month, gas prices have dipped lower than they have in ten years, leaving average, working class Americans with a few more bucks in their pocket. There are a few reasons why this drop has happened (one being that the United States has increased production), but essentially it all comes down to basic supply and demand. With the increased production of ... Read More »

Gas Prices Are Dropping Below $2 Gallon


This week, gas prices have dipped below $2 in certain areas of the country for the first time in about a decade, with 13 different states having reported that the $2 threshold has been broken. Chris Isidore of CNN writes, “Data from price tracker GasBuddy.com shows that three states — Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio — have at least one station ... Read More »

Toyota Invests $126 Million Dollars Towards Ann Arbor Expansion


Move over Ford, GM, and Chrysler; Toyota is coming to town! Earlier today, Toyota announced that they will be forcing their way into the Detroit auto scene as they plan to invest a whopping $126 million in their Ann Arbor Technical Center to expand powertrain operations and consolidate vehicle development operations. As part of the investment, Toyota will also be moving 85 jobs from ... Read More »

DACAR Concept Aims to Change Off-Road Racing


Baja, Super Swamper, Dick Cepek… Gear heads have grown accustomed to a certain type of tire when they hit the off-road terrain. Samir Sadikhov, however, is trying to change those conventional expectations with his latest, award winning design. In a contest issued by Hankook asking students at Pforzheim University’s School of Design to create a tire concept for vehicles of the ... Read More »