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Truck Flips and Pancakes Fellow Vehicle


Truck driver takes the turn too aggressively and makes fellow driver pay the price. Hopefully, he’s okay… Read More »

Tesla’s Model 3 Announcement Sends Waves


Since the beginning of 2014, no automotive company has shown more promise and potential for growth than the American grown, Tesla. In fact, it almost seems like Tesla is in the news every week for some major invention, business move, or automotive release. The ability to stay in the news is part of an almost magical marketing campaign that has ... Read More »

Are Ford Drivers Excited for the Aluminum 2015 F-150??


Earlier this year, Ford made headlines by releasing details about their plans to release a new aluminum bodied 2015 F-150 model. According to Ford, the aluminum body would help to cut 700 pounds off of the truck’s weight, increasing fuel efficiency for drivers. Nobody was quite sure how truck fanatics would react. After all, there were a lot of questions ... Read More »

4 Year Old Tampa Boy Dies After Being Thrown from Moving SUV; Police Seek More Evidence


Early Monday morning, 4year old Tampa Bay boy- Marterrance Albury- was pronounced dead at a local hospital after an incident in which the boy either fell or was pushed from a moving SUV. Or at least, this is what police originally believed to have happened after receiving a phone call at approximately 9:45 p.m. Sunday. At that time, a driver ... Read More »

Amazing Truck Pull


Let the Diesel riiiiiip. This is some intense, crazy power. Read More »