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Easy Rider Harley Davidson Bike Expected to Sell for $1.2 Million


In 1969, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson teamed up to bring us arguably the greatest stoner and counter culture movie of all-time: Easy Rider.  This success, of course, was built off of a few basic things, including a killer sound track (Hendrix’s If 6 was 9 my personal favorite), iconic imagery, and some bad ass bikes. Now, 45 ... Read More »

Man Takes Car Back After Being Towed


Getting your car towed can be a real pain in the ass. Oftentimes, it might even be hard to tell if you are in a restricted area or not. It’s almost as if apartment complexes around the country are set up to try and confuse and tow. The guy in the video below didn’t take to well to his tow ... Read More »

This Guy Doesn’t Give a F**k!!


Talk about not giving a shit!!! What do you think: bad ass or idiot??? Read More »

New “Texting Gun” Could Catch Texting Drivers


Texting and driving, it’s one of those dirty phrases, right up there with watching porn and picking your nose. It’s one of those things that everybody does and nobody admits to doing. Unfortunately, according to the statistics and unlike those other comparisons, it’s a deadly, distractive act. In fact, it is estimated by the Texting and Driving Safety foundation that ... Read More »

Steelmaker Showcases Steel Truck Design that Competes with Aluminum


There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new aluminum F-150 from Ford set to debut later this year. For the most part, that hype has been completely justified. After all, the new truck design has managed to shave off an astonishing 700 pounds, which according to many has already changed the floundering pickup fuel efficiency game. “This is a ... Read More »