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GM: The Company That Has Been Treating Us Like Idiots for 50 Years


Despite a January that included Mary Barra becoming the new CEO (historic) and winning the Car AND Truck of the Year Award at the Detroit Auto Show (impressive), GM’s 2014 will be remembered for only one thing: the cover-up. The now infamous cover-up, of course, was aimed at concealing the fact that a series of faulty ignition switches on GM ... Read More »

Mustang Flies Down Highway on 3 Wheels!!!


How much time have I spent changing flat tires? Or shopping for new wheels? Hell if I know. Well, maybe, it’s time to re-evaluate and save myself some time and money. After all, that’s what this Texan decided to do with his Ford Mustang when he drove it down the freeway with just 3 wheels!!! On second thought, after watching ... Read More »

Dodge Challenger Has Top Viral Video


Today, one of the biggest battlegrounds for automotive advertising is on Youtube. Each week, new spots debut on the video channel and slug it out for the top spot, hoping to land on the “Popular on Youtube” list. Last week, Dodge slaughtered the competition with its ad, entitled “Wisdom,” made for the 2015 Dodge Challenger. The extremely popular Challenger ad ... Read More »

2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible Is Changing Corvette


With summer and the thought of girls roaming the beaches in string bikinis lurking, GM has decided that NOW is the perfect time to release the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible. So, earlier this week they unveiled the beautiful and ferocious new car at the New York International Auto Show. Initially, when news first broke about this 2015 convertible version ... Read More »

There Is a Mustang on Top of the Empire State Building!!

This morning Ford took photos of their Mustang atop the Empire State building.

After weeks of anticipation, Ford went through with their publicity stunt and placed the new 2015 Mustang Convertible on the roof of the Empire State Building. This, of course, was a re-creation of their classic 1964 stunt. Donald Farr, the former editor of Mustang Monthly, recalls the original event, saying, “The general manager of the Empire State Building approached Ford ... Read More »